Forum General Rules
All members are expected to know and abide by these rules. While the forum is a fun place, these rules are designed to keep it a pleasant place.

General Attitude Towards Others:

1. Respect other members. Don't try to be cruel just for the sake of it.

2. No racism, sexism, or any other hurtful discrimination.

3. All members are equal. That being said, the Admina and Moderators will enforce the stated rules and expect members to give and show respect. Don't cause a scene, listen to the wishes of the staff and move on.

What counts as Not Safe For Work (NSFW)?


                Fully or partially exposed sexual organs.

                Obvious or heavily implied sexual activity.
                Excessive nudity.
                Word describing the above.

                Dismemberment, exposed internal organs, excessive blood, detailed wounds.
                Words describing the above in unnecessary detail.
When in doubt ask an admin. This is a case where it is better to ask permission than beg forgiveness.

Thread Creation:

1. All members have access to make new threads, but please look where you make them. Art goes into Art Thread and music goes in Music Thread, ect.

2. Anything WTF related or one feels doesn't fit anywhere is to be placed in the Off-Topic Thread. If its not SFW then please put a [NSFW] tag in the front of the thread title.

3. If poster doesn't follow stated rules, thread will either be renamed, moved, or flat out deleted. Staff will inform you of what is happening so there are no surprises.


1. Try to keep it SFW. If you feel you have to post a NSFW piece of media, please put it in a spoiler and give a warning.

2. Try to keep language at a civil and clean level. There is no need to start cussing and/or use the

3. Large images must be in spoilers, as it helps with load times. (Images over 600 x 600)

4. Members that don't abide to these rules will have posts edited, or removed and will be given a friendly reminder about the rules.

5. If you would like access to the dedicated NSFW board, please speak with Admin TriMara

Signatures & Avatar:

1. Must be SFW. Period.

2.      a) Signature banner must be smaller than 625*152 pixels, and under 250 KB.
         b) Banner can be animated, but animations should be subtle, and add to the banners effect.
         c) Animation should not be overly flashy or fast.

Rough rule of thumb: If the animation suddenly stopped, would it still make a good banner?

3.       a) Without a banner a signature can have up to 8 lines of text.
  b) With a banner a signature can have up to 2 lines of text, 1 of which can be a spoiler.

Example of allowed text with a banner:
Spoiler: Click for my stuff!
 {DA Youtube Tumbler}
"Inspirational quote or something. -Someone"

4.      Avatars follow the same rules as banners when it comes to animations and appropriateness.

Shout Box and Chat Box:

1. No large images. It slows down the site and glitches it.

2. Must be SFW. If you need to post something NSFW, then give a warning and post a link. (No direct images).

3. Members will be given a warning and chat box will be cleared.

News Box:

1. No large images. It slows down the site and glitches it.

2. Must be SFW. If you need to post something NSFW, then give a warning and post a link. (No direct images).

3. Must be news related. Gaming news, MLP Community News, Announcements by Admin Team, or any bit of
worthy info. This includes going inactive for awhile, winning a tournament of some kind, doing a live stream, organizing an event so on.

4. What is not news worthy : A cool image, a cool video, spamming nonsensical ramblings and so on. If you feel the need to share these use the Shout box or post (or create a thread) about it.

User & Thread Inactivity:

1. Unless you say that you are going to be inactive for x amount of time, users will be kicked from the forum and guild after two months of inactivity.

2. Threads will be moved to each threads Archive Folder by Admins or Mods after 2 months of inactivity or if Mod feels there is nothing more to add. If a user feels that the mod's assumption is incorrect, write any of the mods a PM.

Any knowing and willful breach of these or any rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Admin Team.

That being said, bans are, and will always be, a last resort.