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TriMaraSo i know you hosers are pretty active on mumble so i was curious if anyone would be down for some DnD to be hosted on mumble. Every sunday for a couple hours. Would anyone be down? Would be starting at around 6 central time and go to around midnight or whenever everyone is pooped.
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Prancey   Normally I would be keen, DnD on Roll20 is "the shit", but timezones forbid it. (I'm 6-8 hours ahead of the US)
TriMara   [link] After advertising on a few other sites i got a small group going join the discord server if you are interested.
Zapplejack   I would, just not too interested in DnD :( Good luck to you though
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TriMara   WTF a new person.
Prancey   This is insanity
Prancey   Where is Roy?
Purple SkiesHappy New Year's Everybody!
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Zapplejack   created a new thread Ahoy, Here Be Free Games! in the All Ranks Mess forum
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TriMaraSo i noticed we are running low on site plan as well as mumble. If someone could step up and throw a few bucks at it that would be nice if noone does than by next week i can.
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Purple SkiesEVE is free(ish) now guys! Since I've always been interested I will be playing it unless the free content is garbage, lemme know if you are too
TriMaraTo my american freinds now living under Trump. I am now opening my american refugee center, serious applicants only. Also, what the fuck guys?
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TriMara   Rent is free unless you have a job up here, moving into a two bedroom place with plenty of room also got a big nice couch. Inquire through PM.
Someo   It's gone be fine, lets see first and then see what happens.
Purple SkiesSombra short! Soon maybe Zarya short?
Overwatch Animated Short | "Infiltration"
Hack your way into Overwatch's sixth animated short: Infiltr...
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Ad_Infinitas314UPDATE: Good news everyone! Mumble is back up @ Join for dank memes, and don't forget to smash the f**k outta that like button.
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Ad_Infinitas314Mumble seems to be having an outage. Keep calm and use skype until the issue gets resolved.
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